Monday, June 22, 2015

[REVIEW] Minions 2015

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Starting from a small role in Despicable Me 1, to become a worldwide phenomenon, Minions. I am quite happy because the film aired in Indonesia quicker approximately one month from the date of the release should be.

This film tells the origin of minions. The minion has lived since prehistoric era. They live clustered with the purpose to serve the evil boss. They have changed boss many times from T-rex, Dracula, until Napoleon. But they always make her boss have bad luck. Finally they isolate themselves in a snow cave. Because they doing nothing too long, they feel depressed and looking for a new boss. Minion that is gone is Kevin, Stuart and Bob. Finally they find a new boss named Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock). They started a new adventure.

Before watching this movie, do not watch the trailer. Once again, do not watch the trailer. Especially the TV Spot. They have 3 trailers and all of them tell the main point of the story and humor that will be in the film. Indirectly, the trailer that had been revealed contains spoilers of the film. So, there are big chances if you watch this movie, you won’t laugh and instead just smiled. Humor majority contains pf slapstick comedy. It is very reasonable considering minion can’t speak human language.

The plot is not too special like Despicable Me series. The main point in this movie are humorous and very cute minion behavior. Ignore the plot, because the film is clearly for children that the story is not so complex. But do not worry, at the end of the film there will be a surprise.

I was very impressed with CGI animation technique in this film. Although the animated film, looks very real, for example, the hair on the head minion, clothes and leather gloves.

Minion is an entertaining movie, and can be enjoyed in all ages. This film is one of the great summer movies.

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