Friday, February 20, 2015

[REVIEW] Big Hero 6

This is the first time I review animation movie. I hope this movie win oscar in the Academy Awards as best animation. Although this film failed win a nomintation at BAFTA and Golden Globe.

Synopsis: Hiro, the smart & genius in making robots, lost his brother Tadashi -- which also makes the robot-- in a fire. Tadashi has made Doctor Robot named Baymax. Hiro who feel lost, together  with Baymax and Tadashi’s friends united into a group of superheroes to find who the mastermind behind the death of his brother.

The Synopsis sounds tragic right? But it doesn’t tragic like that. None of Disney movies end with traic ending. In the beginning of this movie, you will sad and maybe cry like a girl when Tadashi died. You will be depressed when Hiro saw the video when his brother was still alive and in the process of making Baymax. This film is a mix of family story full of emotion and comedy that will make us laugh. The funny thing in this movie is Baymax’s funny behavior and fat baymax that will make us want to hug him. Merchandise of Big Hero 6 is exploded in the market although is not explode like Frozen. Big Hero 6 is a film that can be enjoyed by adults and children. A lot of moral messages that can be captured in this movie. Impression after watching this movie is.... I WANT THAT CUTE BAYMAX!

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Bonus : This is my Favourite moment in Big Hero 6


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