Wednesday, August 5, 2015

[REVIEW] Pretty Woman (1990)

A man in a suit stands back to back with a woman wearing a short skirt and thigh high boots.
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Yes, I am going to discuss romance comedy movie which became the inspiration for RomCom movie in this era. Starring actress who has a beautiful smile, Julia Roberts and handsome actor Richard Gere.

A businessman named Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) hire a hooker named Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) during the week to accompany him. Their relationship which was originally just a business relationship began to turn into love.

Pretty woman may be regarded as the Cinderella of modern era plus sex. In this film, they are both still very young, and Richard Gere became the idol. This movie is one of the rom-com classic movies and almost all people on this earth ever watched Pretty Woman. Maybe this film is one of the best Rom-Com. Clich├ęs like the main character is a handsome man, a funny incident, a conflict until they get back together imitated by many Rom-Com movies today. The film also make Julia Roberts and Richard Gere become popular. Chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are very nice and they get back together in other films named Runaway Bride.

I really enjoyed this movie and actually I've been watching movies since childhood and constantly repeated. Similarly, titanic movie, I never get tired of watching this movie. My favorite scene in the film and perhaps the most memorable is the scene Julia Roberts shopping in Los Angeles while accompanied by the song Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. The number 1 movie at the box office when released and reached a total worldwide gross of $ 463,407,268.

This film is one of the must-watch list for women.




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