Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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Maze Runner The second installment is quite different from its predecessor

After Thomas and his friends survived the maze, they were evacuated to safety place. But apparently they are still chased by organization WCKD. They must escape from WCKD that threaten their lives.
If in the previous Maze Runner, it’s quite boring with a slow pace, Scorch Trials will be a little different. At the beginning of the film, Scorch Trials’ paces are very quickly without pause, but when the film went into the middle, the flow was very slow and boring, and as it continues until the end of the movie. Perceived conflicts seem repetitive and less intense. A story of friendship between Thomas and his friends do not help this movie. Fortunately WCKD organizations discussed in detail in this film. Actually, the conflict in the new franchise Maze Runner was emphasized in this second film.

Oh yes, about Thomas, I might sound a bit biased but seriously, Thomas is the hero that most makes me upset. I don’t know why he was appointed as leader when he did not have planning, too emotional, and constantly questioning and that makes me upset. Yep, that's my opinion about Thomas
In this film, minor character such as Newt and Minho succeed steal scene. I even admit they are much cooler than Thomas as the main character

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