Saturday, October 31, 2015

[REVIEW] SE7EN (1995)

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In 1995, David Fincher the master of trailer makes the movie that are very stressful, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman

Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) with the new detective, Detective David Millis to solve a murder case that inspired from the seven deadly sins in the Bible. Their searching have difficulty because the real killer is a genius and cautious

David Fincher is an expert in the thriller. He can built tense atmosphere perfectly. Typical David Fincher, the film has a dark lighting to add to the atmosphere gloomy. The victims described so terrible. When watching this film we are also invited to participate in solving the case.

David Fincher is also an expert for the twist ending and make the audience by surprise. It seems like almost every movie he always brings a surprising ending.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman’s acting is excellent as a pair of detectives. Brad Pitt's expression when the ending is remembered until now especially his quotes "WHAT'S IN THE BOX". Even the quotes that has become famous meme

Se7en is one of the best David Fincher’s movie. The storyline is fast, not too complicated and closed with a good ending.

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